Digitaly Imagery of Alexander Preuss

Since over 26 years i am creating art for games, movies, advertisements, books and other media but also art for exhibitions. My hometown is Aachen Germany where i currently live and work on a lot of various projects.

I am specialised in areas such as 3D modeling & sculpting, texturing, animation, concept art, fine art, compositing, layout and design with tools like 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Designer/Painter, ZBrush, Marmoset 3D and other.

I describe myself as a very dedicated and ambitious person when it comes to my work but also in my private live. :)

In this portfolio you will find not everything i have done... but some of my best works i have created over the past years.



Since 1994 i am working as artist for games, movies and advertisements starting with classic point and click adventure games, jump and run’s and later 3D contend games. In 1998 i became the Art Director of the game studio Egosoft GmbH in Würselen Germany where i am still working until March 2019.


With a pause from Egosoft in 2002 i moved over to Düsseldorf Germany to work at the advertising agency Image Arts GmbH for the following 6 years where i learned a lot about design, printed media like books and magazines, web-design but also movie production for advertisements.

Also thanks to the international awards i received since 2005 it came to the fact that some publishers became aware of me, and so i started with creating cover artworks for Books and CD’s since then.


Like every other artist in the universe i use my spare time to work on artworks based on my own fantasies... Worlds i imagine to escape for a little time the reality we are living in.

Thanks to the software and tools these days almost everything is possible to create... if there is enough time or motivation ;)
I always tried to capture my dreams into artworks a long time bevor i got my first computer... an Amiga 2000, but the results were never close to what i expected.

The first big great success in my art live was to win the CGSociety Grand Space Opera Challenge in 2005, since then my career started into different dimensions.


In this summarized overview you will find all information about all my skills, the tools i use on a daily basis and what I have learned in my earlier years.

You are a company that is looking for an artist with a lot of capabilities? Or you need an artist who creates unique art for you or your project(s)? Please leave me a message or give me a call. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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